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Motor Accidents in Ghana 2016 (Infographic)


The recent spate of motor accidents all over the country has been alarming. News reportage on these accidents are often accompanied by gory images of the victims who perished and those who sustained various degrees of injuries.

Motor accidents are caused by a plethora of factors, some of which are completely avoidable. The onus falls on the government and to ensure that our roads are in the best of states. Also, some of these accidents could be prevented if The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) ensures that the cars on our roads are indeed roadworthy. Some of the motor accidents are caused by faulty car parts.

We cannot ignore the human factor also when discussing the causes of accidents. Drivers and pedestrians must be cautious on the road to avoid unnecessary accidents and the indiscriminate loss of lives. The figure for pedestrian knock-downs for 2016 alone is very staggering. Indicating the need to intensify education on how pedestrians should use the roads while walking on the sidewalks.

Below is a collection of infographics, visualizing Motor Accident Statistics in Ghana in 2016.