Code for Ghana has a flagship of data-driven apps developed using open data. Our projects are focused on promoting citizen engagement with the government and enhancing data-driven journalism with a user-centric approach. Check out our repos on github.

GotToVote! was built as a Code4Kenya data journalism project to help odinary citizens find out how a national event such as the elections affects their personal lives or local communities. Our team from Ghana adapted the concept to the Ghanaian context to help ease the hussle of voter registeration.

Odekro monitors parliamentary debate proceedings and makes (Hansards) freely accessible to the citizens of Ghana. The goal of Odekro is to promote transparency, provide online access to public records and empower citizens to keep an eye on public officials, especially parliament.

Where My Money Dey? is a volunteer-built project designed to improve public accountability and civic engagement through active citizenry. The prototype was built at Ghana's first ever d|Bootcamp that brought together journalists and hacktivists in October 2012. A 2nd iteration was refined at a follow-up d|Bootcamp in May 2013 with help from the Code for Africa initiative

Data-Awesome is a data analysing app, that helps journalists and bloggers to embed data into their content as user friendly graphs.

Hack Night Project

DearMP is a web platform that serves as a communication channel for ordinary citizens to connect and communicate with local authority.where citizens can register their grievances about areas with poor sanitary conditions and bad roads by either writing about them or uploading photos. The aim is to ensure that ordinary citizens collaborate with local authority to find solutions to community problems.

Hack Night Project

X is a data visualisation project by Team X. One of the group that participated in an Open Data Hack Night organised by Code for Ghana. The project is a visualisation of the trend in price changes of world commodity products.

Hack Night Project