Code for Ghana brings developers, journalists and civil society together to create a network of civic-minded activists who use their knowledge, hands and voices to make the local government system better through transparency, open-data, and citizen engagement.
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Hack For Better Government

Create Innovation and New Opportunities

Public Participation

Show The Value Of Open-data

Connecting Civic Change Agents


Using Digital Tools To {Re} Define Citizen Engagement


  • We embed developers and data fellows in newsrooms to create innovative platforms for better information dissemination and encourage collective action through citizen engagement
  • We organise data bootcamps to share knowledge on open-data tools and demonstrate the value of open-data to the broader soceity.
  • We build civic apps and platforms that will keep citizens well informed so that they can demand accountability, transparency and better services from the government.
  • We partner with CSOs, NGOs and Government organisations to bring meaning to their data-sets.
  • We are also doing something bolder; we are taking a different approach to open governance.

Code for Ghana aims to help shape the open data movement in Ghana. One way we achieve this is by regular meet ups. During these sessions, we bring together open data enthusiastes to share their expertise and experience with the wider community.

Are you a civil-society organisation? Does your work entail open data, transparency and public data analysis? Do you often have challenges communicating your information in the right context to your audience? Then, you can partner with us to tackle this challenge.

Use open data to mobilize citizens to engage in public debate

Make freely available public data on government activities

Work with journalists to embrace data-driven journalism

Code for Ghana organises lots of activities and events on open data and citizen-engagment throughout the year. Stay up to date with all the details

Code for Ghana is ready to share knowledge and expertise with any Software Developer who is interested in working with open data.

Get in our code and hack on Github.

Deploy apps with Open Data

Guide and mentor our Developers

Learn about Open Data